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How do you pick gifts for your the kids of your ONbeat parent friends?

Wondering what to get the kids of your onbeat mom and dad friends? Here’s a few potential ideas!

Gift ideas for the pregnant woman in your life

Looking for a gift that your pregnant partner/spouse/sister/cousin/friend/etc. can use WHILE pregnant? Look no further! Here’s a super awesome list of items for just about any budget.

How to make your own nursing necklace (with video!)

I’ve seen Booby Beads and nursing necklaces for sale for as much as 20 dollars. Luckily, they are easy to make, even for the chronically craft-impaired–like me.

DIY photo books make the most awesome gifts

Photographer Leah Muse (who some of you may remember from OBB, or her awesome Royal Tenebaums nursery) recently put together a wonderful book for her partner’s birthday. She had a friend take photos of her and her daughter all over Austin, TX. Each photo featured them holding signs about what makes the birthday boy so […]