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Gingerdead man cookie cutter: Holiday cookies with a twist of dark in your sweet

I adore these adorably macabre gingerbread man cookie cutters from ThinkGeek, which imprint a gingerbread skeleton into your rolled cookie dough.

Beep Boop Beep: these robot coasters love you

These adorable letterpressed robot coasters from Eugene, Oregon’s Twin Ravens Press just melted my icy heart. So simple, so robotic, so adorbz. Awesome gift? Sweet splurge? You decide.

Ditch old-fashioned photo albums and make a Blurb book instead

I’ve always been obsessed with photo albums — whether they were thrifted, vintage, or something I picked up from a craft store. I’ve spent many an hour filling dozens of them with photos. This was cool with me, until I discovered Blurb books

Got leftover fabric scraps? Use them to fancify gifts!

If you’re looking for a cheap, simple, and green way to disguise a surprise, consider giving your discarded fabric some love by finding it a new purpose in life. Fabric scraps are a fantastic alternative to flimsy paper and shiny mylar.

Hostess gift ideas: look past wine and go for handmade, locally-sourced, or unusual offerings

If wine just won’t cut it for your next hostess gift, we have new ideas. Carnivorous plants? Pineapples? Oh my!

How should we plan baby showers for additional pregnancies?

We’re throwing a baby shower for a second pregnancy — how can we make it fun without stirring up drama?

How do I deal with family members who want to get my kids tons of STUFF?

What do you do when your family can’t stop buying you baby and kid stuff that you DON’T NEED?

Etsy birthday round-up

We love Etsy, Etsy loves birthdays, and now you can love homemade birthday sweetness on Etsy.