DIY photo books make the most awesome gifts

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Photographer Leah Muse (who some of you may remember from OBB, or her awesome Royal Tenebaums nursery) recently put together a wonderful book for her partner’s birthday.

She had a friend take photos of her and her daughter all over Austin, TX. Each photo featured them holding signs about what makes the birthday boy so awesome.

The results are so inspiring…

This is SUCH a great home-spun gift idea for father’s day, mother’s day, or birthdays. Leah says she used Adorama to make the book — here’s a how-to.

The cutest part of this story? Leah explains that upon receiving the book, her husband revealed he’d done the same thing for HER birthday, and in fact had already taken the photos! Awww…

Read all about it over at Leah’s blog, and if you just want to indulge yourself in Leah’s photographer — head to Flickr!

And for more information about making a photobook like Leah’s, head on over to Adorama.

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  1. Fantastic! I make both sets of my daughter’s grandparents a photo book for Christmas, but it’s always kind of our year in review. I love the idea of doing purpose-specific photos for it with signs as captions!

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