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Keep a party-in-a-box ready to go

I keep all the stuff we need for a bbq in an old wine crate (plastic plates, forks, napkins, grill tongs, party cups and of course balls for beer pong!) It makes hosting BBQs of any size so much simpler, because I don’t need to run around gathering stuff I just pull out this box and we’re ready to go!

Edit songs yourself to be karaoke party-friendly

If you’re the at-home karaoke party type then you KNOW you want to get the how-to’s, to rid yourself of those awkward solos moments, over on Offbeat Bride.

How to make the time to host a party, even when you’re super busy

Frequent Offbeat Home contributor Helen Jane just wrote an excellent post on how she and her husband James manage to regularly throw what she calls “Porch Parties” — despite the fact that she works full-time (with an insanely long commute), has two toddlers, doesn’t have a fairy godmother, etc.

How do they do it? Well, like so many things, it boils down to priorities…

Plan a brunch party with this menu idea round up on Offbeat Bride

If breakfast food and brunch dates make you feel this dude — excited and hungry and tummy-growlingy — get thee to Offbeat Bride today, where they have a round up of delicious and sometimes-adorable brunch menu ideas.

How to use your powers — and parties — for good

On New Year’s Eve, we raised over $2,000 for a local food bank by dressing up, showing off, and getting cheerfully smashed with 30 or so of our best buds. We don’t have loads of cash, a fancy venue, or any (particularly) super powers, so how’d we pull off this feat? By focusing on what we do have.

How to throw an ugly party: an exercise in self-restraint and people skills

NO! Not another pretty party! With perfectly-planned coordinating courses, a playlist, and cleverly-crafted decorations! NOT TODAY! Today, we celebrate the ugly party.

This winter I have been learning the value of the ugly party. The unplanned party. The no-decorations, unfancy food, just-get-together-and-love-it party. These impromptu parties have been some of the most enjoyable socials I’ve been to all year — and I think hosting an ugly party fosters skills you need to ensure you’ll never attend a boring party again.

How to make an animated gif party invitation

I love animated gifs! They’re like the magical photos in the Potterverse. Here’s a reason you can make one this week: PARTY TIME. Whether you’re planning a Super Bowl party, a Valentine’s Day cocktail hour, or just a mid-winter soiree, you can make an animated gif invitation in a few quick steps.

Throw a last-minute Halloween scavenger hunt party

Desperately wanting to celebrate Halloween, but found yourself without the time to plan anything? Take on Natalie’s no-thought Halloween party with her scavenger hunt cards. There are three! This is just one!