Smoke alarms and first aid kits that make safety cute and magical

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YOU GUYS I found this amazing smoke detector:

This thing is totally real and a chickadee and it sings when there is smoke. They come in different colors and are available for purchase in some countries.

I want some.

So when I found that, I was on a mission: who says emergency goods have to be so ugly? Why not bring a little sunshine in with these other supercute products?

This is the Best Made First Aid Kit, made by Best Made Co. in New York. It comes with all the care accouterments one would expect, nicely packaged up for your convenience.

We all need band aids sometimes. The I’m OK! set comes with a cold pack, anti-bacterial swabs, bandages, an emergency info card, all in a handy wallet.

And then of course, there are the enchanted unicorn bandages, when you need the extra salve of magic on your wounds.

Use these things to keep your home safe and fix up boo boos, and may you never run out of band aids.

Comments on Smoke alarms and first aid kits that make safety cute and magical

  1. The band aids! They come with a toy. My daughter often begs for them when we are at our favorite local book and gift shop. Because of the toy. Last pack we got it was a teeny tiny cupid and Pookie, being hooked on illustrated greek myths put “arrows” (she can’t read so she heard arrows not Eros, which actually makes sense) on her little heart shaped shelf between a tiny Buddha and a tiny Jesus. The band aids rock.

  2. That first one just HAS to be Finnish! Both for the crazy words and for the adorable design.
    mikroaaltouuni (way fun word for microwave), Marimekko.

  3. My sister has those unicorn bandaids and I FREAKED when she gave me some, they are so awesome! But something on their stickiness gives my skin a little rash of some kind. So I will just have to stick them on other things (no problem for me)! Just something to think about though…

    • Those are so neat, although maybe a little rich for my blood. The designs remind me a bit of the kinds of graphics that get used on SIGG bottles. I really am surprised there isn’t more effort to make interesting/designer versions of these kinds of essential everyday things.

  4. Not specifically pretty, but while talking about safety innovations…Roost 9v batteries (the kind for smoke alarms) give you a notification on your phone whenever the smoke alarm goes off and when the battery is about to die. It seemed like great peace of mind as a pet owner and at $40 for two of them aren’t that expensive when considering they might save your pets and possessions.

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