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Throw this Make Your own Monster party!

Halloween is a month long celebration for my group of friends, and one of the staples of October festivities is The Craft Project. This year our Halloween theme is “Monsters and Madmen,” so our craft project involved creating monsters! Here’s how we pulled it off…

Stuff you guys love: temporary tummy tattoos, kid’s bike seats, and so many BOOKS

It’s no secret around these parts that I run a post featuring products from one of our many affiliates once a week or so. These posts are always an awesome way to share product recommendations and stuff that helps you navigate these murky waters we call parenting — the books posts alone are proof of that.

5 super adorable gender neutral dolls from Pure and Simple Baby

These Blabla boogaloo dolls from Pure and Simple Baby are the cutest things — and they’re ultra baby-friendly.

Are dolls appropriate for one-year-olds?

My baby is about to turn one and I’ve been looking online at lists of age-appropriate toys. Simple puzzles, shape-sorter toys, stacking toys, etc, all sound great — but dolls are also on the list. I’m not sure how I feel about that. She’s so young!

Big design in little teeny houses: the I AM GIANT challenge

Blogger Emily Henderson is orchestrating the I AM A GIANT blog challenge, something I have to support because of its gross use of all-caps. The gist is that all participants are decorating doll houses, and there’s some pretty incredible stuff going on…

I’m a grown woman and I love playing with dolls

I originally discovered Blythe dolls somewhere on the internet many years ago and lusted after them. I just LOVED everything about them: their big oversized heads, colour changing eyes, endless combinations of hair colours and styles, the amazing outfits people dress them in — and the best thing is the photography!

An ode to my closet: Doe Deere gives us a poetic tour of her dollhouse-inspired makeover

Doe had a sad, blah closet — until her neighbor put out a dollhouse for the trash man. Now? Feast your eyes on her spectacular pink and blue dressing room.

How to turn an old onesie into a baby doll

Have lots of too-small baby clothes or forgotten blankets? Victoria Brooke has a DIY solution for you!