5 super adorable gender neutral dolls from Pure and Simple Baby

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The Zook doll.

The appropriateness of dolls for infants is debateable, but the overwhelming cuteness of these dolls from Pure and Simple Baby is non-negotiable. They’re soft, free of embellishments, and hand-knitted from Peruvian fiber… so they’re basically the perfect gender-neutral gift for the doll-loving tyke in your life. PLUS they’re called “Blabla boogaloo dolls” — I MEAN SERIOUSLY.

I like the Shane doll because I can’t get a reading on his story. Is he a cowboy? Sheriff? Straw-hat wearing, flower-patch adorned hippie? And so on.

Oh AQUA LEE! How you make me SQEE!

Mirabelle the bunny appears to be quite dainty, but I have a feeling she could hold her own with this crowd and would be a happy addition to the family of doll-loving girls and boys alike.

I hate to play favorites, but the Cumulus doll is probably The One for me. Look at those eyes! The hair! The blob in the stomach pouch! Too presh.

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  1. My son is 15 months and loves dolls and stuffed animals. I think he’d especially enjoy Shane’s hat and hair. He loves to push them around in a doll stroller too. Maybe its because he is still not walking totally on his own yet and the stroller is a good mode of transport. Either way he looks cute doing it!

  2. My daughter has the BlaBla April doll and it’s great. She’s slept with it every nap and night since she got it seven months ago and it’s held up well so far. They have tons more than these here and they are all super cute.

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