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Order of operations for the daunted home decorator

I am told there are people that find the home decorating process daunting. These creatures are reluctant to move and start the process from scratch. I hear they even get so overwhelmed that they sometimes do nothing for long periods of time, or — GASP! — hire someone else to do it.

My name is Danielle and I am a new home addict. I’m SUPER practiced at the home decorating game — and it starts really easy.

Turn your living room into a learning space for $20 or less

As our son grows up, Sean and I are super interested in finding new, fun, and more offbeat ways to help him love learning. What ideas do you have?

Chalkboard wall decals for your kid’s room

One of my favorite features on OBM is the “pimp my kids room” posts — I’m a big into interior design and kids rooms are some of the coolest decorating spaces. That’s why, when I saw these cool chalkboard wall stickers, I immediately thought they’d be a a fun addition to a child’s room. Apply […]

Offbeat guardian angel

The dragon is an IKEA Minnen Drake. It’s been discontinued from IKEA, but you can find them on eBay sometimes.

Conquering Shared Space for Teenagers

I have two stepdaughters. They don’t live with us full time. And this summer they drove me absolutely INSANE. They fought all summer due to lack of personal space and feeling like people view them as a solid unit as opposed to individuals. They’re in that place, developmentally, where they REALLY need to have their own individual identity.