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Cheer up a grumpy home with help from Sacred Flow, feng shui and spiritual flow consultant

When your home doesn’t work right, your life doesn’t work right. Marjory Mejia studies the flow of buildings and our interactions with them, and helps people create living spaces that enhance their lives.

Home palettes based on nerdy fandoms: Would you choose carpet that matches Worf’s hair?

I do love Adventure Time, Cartoon Network’s bizarro young adult show about a boy adventurer in the Land of Ooo. When I found Dan Toth’s episodic color palettes, I was inspired! Taking colors from TV shows to apply to — what, rooms? Spray paint craft projects? Reupholstery? GENIUS! I used Colour Lovers to do the same with a few other nerdy loves: Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who.

How to go from an apartment set up to a functional furnished house

When we moved from an apartment to a house, things started to slip away from us. We tripped over boxes, forgot to clean anything, and we floundered. Until I came up with a plan — and a tool that you might find helpful, too!

How to stop dilly dallying and start decorating: a support group for recovering nomads

While laying awake in bed one night, I realized why I find decorating my house SO FUCKING HARD: I haven’t stayed anywhere long enough to learn how. Since that revelation, I’ve been teaching myself how to decorate, and here are the three points I’ve figured out on how to decorate a home — for someone who’s had the nesting instinct beaten out of them by constant box shuffling.

Your cube is your castle: TONS of non-standard desk decor without a cliche in sight

Wanted: ideas for cheap and easy cubicle decor. Already considered: potted plants, pretty pictures, subversive cross-stitchnarf.

Do not want: Anything that smells or makes noise or blinks.

Home decor lessons I learned from Burning Man

Whatever you may think of Burning Man, the way it creates a There out of Nowhere is truly remarkable… and there are lessons to be gleaned.

Six ways to be on-trend and get crystals into your home

Crystals are the next big thing, no matter what anyone else may say. Don’t believe them. Believe only meeeeee.

I love crystals. Here are six ways to get them in your house.

How I used Pinterest to create a plan for an outer-space-meets-velour den

Pinterest is growing like mad — it’s an online app which makes it fast and easy to make, fill, and share various inspiration boards. It’s perfect for interior design — even for non-interior designers like me. My skills at decoration are severely limited by my dislike of shopping, but luckily, I’ve got mad skillz when it comes to collecting images from the internet. I’ve been e-hoarding for a decade!