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This LA home can give us all a lesson in organic modern style

I’m obsessed with the organic modern decorating trend. You’ve more than likely noticed it popping up everywhere… Layers of white and neutral tones, natural textures like wood, fur, and woven jute, and organic accents of antlers, succulents, pottery, all blending together to create a super gorgeous and calming space. This home just took us all to Organic Modernism School…

A clever (and pretty!) way to keep cats away from breakables

My cats like jumping up onto high shelves. Unfortunately, that’s where I prefer to keep my delicate collectables and assorted breakable things. Figurines, souvenirs, glassware, picture frames — all things a cat might knock off a shelf. But after finding some left-over perfume bottles, I came up with a way to stop the “Catzilla” moments that I dreaded.

This small-but-edgy loft demonstrates how to decorate a small space with a lot of character

We can all take a few decorating lesson from this small-but-edgy 610-square-foot loft in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo. Let’s all check it out and learn how to decorate a small space with a lot of character.

Steal this minimalist bedroom inspiration from a fancy Hollywood Hills home

As I peruse my favorite thing in the world — real estate listings — I’m finding home decor ideas! Check out the sexily simple bedroom of this minimalist home in the hills of Los Angeles, then see how you can steal this look…

8 surprising ways renters have the better end of the design deal

If I had EVER spent $2700 on any apartment I lived in, it would have been a “look at my design flair” orgasm. With ownership, all that “make things pretty” money gets sucked into the “make things functional in the long term” hole. So without further ado, I would like to let all those frustrated renters out there know the eight ways how you might have the better end of the design deal…

Holiday decor that doesn’t take up too much space

The holidays are fast approaching. Both my husband and I come from families who love the holidays, so we both are super excited to have our own place to holiday-ify and celebrate together. However, the problem is we have NO room to store any decorations post-holidays. How do the Homies who live in small spaces decorate their homes without generating the tubs of decor to store away later?

How many ways can you re-function a non-functional fireplace?

After reading the post “my dog sleeps in the fireplace” I realized that there are probably TONS of different uses for non-functional fireplaces. I would LOVE to hear suggestions on what to do/how to decorate our non-functional fireplaces!

Get inspired: a Baroque frame on the most decadent chair ever

These incredible framed chairs and sofas from Slokoski — a design company run by two brothers — are the definition of statement furniture. The hand-carved, incredibly ornate frame makes it feel like a work of art, framing you while you no doubt enjoy macarons and luxury-brand tea on the velvet tufting.