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11 of my favorite quirky home style Instagrams to follow for pure weird joy

11 of my favorite quirky home style Instagram accounts to follow for pure weird joy

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day (as usual) and felt like I’d hit on some real finds who are constantly providing me whimsical and quirky home style inspiration (or you know, just dreams!). Here are 11 accounts I love to follow that give me all the style tinglies…

'Tis the season for a peek into Homies' offbeat & geeky holiday decor

‘Tis the season for a peek into Homies’ offbeat & geeky holiday decor

We put out the call to all Homies following Offbeat Home & Life’s Instagram to share their favorite offbeat & geeky holiday decor. I shared my partner’s board game tree (see below), and the Homies did NOT disappoint. There are stockings hung on wall art, decorated Tulipop trees, Nightmare Before Christmas decor, and even an upside down tree(!).

My favorite items from Amazon's new exclusive home lines

My favorite items from the new Amazon home lines

Amazon’s doing some pioneering with their new ways to buy clothing (Prime wardrobe!) and housewares. I’ll save the clothing for next time and focus on their two new exclusive housewares lines that channel minimalism and industrial-chic in pretty cool ways. Have you seen them yet?!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces in both collections so far…

Fierce Halloween home goods to get seriously spoopy

Killer Halloween home decor finds to get seriously spooky

When I saw this illusion ghost pillow, I knew my current Halloween decor had no chill. It’s upgrade time, y’all. I’m talking vintage Halloween goods, channeling horror movies, creepy cute prints, and wall decals you’ll have to pry from my cold, dead hands. Those are going up year-round!

Halloween’s-a-coming, so let’s go see what killer Halloween home decor we can add to our earlier-each-year decorating repertoire…

Pendleton blankets and goodies for classy rainbow-y style

I just discovered that you can get all sorts of Pendleton goodies on Amazon! I have a bit of an obsession with Pendleton patterns. And our fearless leader, Ariel, has one particular obsession with her very own Pendleton blanket. She recently gushed to me about it…

6 cheap and easy tips to help you divide open spaces like a pro

How do you prevent having your loft or open floor plan feel like a furniture display warehouse? You don’t necessarily have to renovate and tear down (or build!) walls to divide open spaces well. Here are six cheap and easy tips to help you master the open space trend like a pro…

How a colorful wedding cake inspired this colorful nursery design

When I started following @ohhappyday on Instagram, I discovered they had a dot wall which reminded me of our wedding cake! I even noticed that they had a tutorial on how they did it. I knew I needed a dot wall in our home. And what better spot than our baby’s nursery?

The ultimate list of interior design styles for home decor n00bs

When it comes to decorating, there is an enormous number of interior styles to choose from. Designers and decoration enthusiasts have come up with a seemingly endless list of possible style combinations — and they often given a precise name — which could be confusing to many people.

So let’s start with the basics… Here’s a list of the most prevalent decorative styles and what might they look and feel like in your home. That way you can start narrowing down to the perfect style for you!