11 of my favorite quirky home style Instagram accounts to follow for pure weird joy

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11 of my favorite quirky home style Instagrams to follow for pure weird joy
From Disastertourism

Allison’s inked and darkly eclectic style hits all my buttons over on her Insta account, Disastertourism (above!). I was scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day (as usual) and felt like I’d hit on some real finds who are constantly providing me whimsical and quirky home style inspiration (or you know, just dreams!).

Here are 11 accounts I love to follow that give me all the style tinglies. Let’s get to making our thumbs numb with the Insta scrolling…


Plants, patterns, and texture, oh my!

Natalie’s style doesn’t shy away from color and BRIGHTS. Plus: bonus cat footage and FOOD.


Dream home alert from Justina’s house plant-filled wonderland.


Sara showcases her rainbow masses of toys intricately featured in her bright and quirky home. Plus she’s adorable as are her fur babes.



Brandy’s graphic design chops make her home a delight to see.


Kaylah’s style somewhere sits between anatomical and taxonomic weirdness and vintage wildness and I can’t.get.enough.



Vintage fabulous nerd vibes all around. I dig it.


Charlotte’s design chops are PRO and her neutrals details give me life.


Illustrator, cat fiend, pastel goddess, and someone I’ve followed for about a thousand years. Give her a good bell sleeve any day.


This is Mid-century style at its most adorable.


Vintage treasures abound in Victoria’s photos by way of LA.

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  1. I have a question, and I’m honestly not trying to troll. Personally, I can’t stand the perfectly manicured curated feeds anymore. At first I was all “wow! Look at that awesome bright photo!” Now I’m just “meh. Another contrived, staged pic of a carefully cropped room. Wonder how many thousand shots they took to get that one.” It all feels like watching fake plastic boobs now: it was fun and novel at first, now just kinda gimmicky and an attempt to get likes for $. And I’m sure that is not how these people REALLY are, but it’s what my brain perceives the inundation of pefection.

    Do you have any suggestions of raw, genuine-feeling feeds that make me feel like I actually connect to a human? Because I have pretty much given up on the platform.


    • I just look at it like a design magazine or showroom. Just an idea place, not a real world house to compare myself to. I like noting the specific things I like/don’t like in each picture to hone my taste as my husband and I build our own house (literally with our own 4 hands). We have stylistic and architectural choices to make, so I am noting what I like about that window with that staircase and that molding as well as how the colors work, what vibe is created, etc. Just scrolling gives me a gross feeling, but studying is actually helpful and fun.

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