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Cooking Challenge Day 3 recipes: Microwaved eggs and the “vaguely Middle-Eastern dinner”

Remember that granola I made the first day? It’s coming back to play! It’s a totally Megan-simple breakfast morning — granola cereal, and I’m going to share with you the trick my dad taught me for making scrambled eggs with only ONE dish to wash afterwards. For lunch and dinner we’re making a “delicious sauce thing” and the “vaguely Middle-Eastern dinner.”

Cooking challenge breakfast results: Megan makes a granola parfait, her husband writes a song

Hey Homies, I know I said that I would post the results the day after I made all my foods, but… I recorded myself making today’s breakfast — the granola parfait — and I thought you’d want to see how poorly my first day is going.

Cooking Challenge Day 2 recipes: Brunch frittata and taco salad Tuesday!

I have a feeling that making this frittata is going to take me FOREVER, and it’s going to be too big for just one Megan to eat on my own for breakfast. So we’re going to make this recipe a two-fer: breakfast and lunch. Then, since it’s Tuesday — the day the lord hath made for tacos — Jessica gave us her recipe for a meatless taco salad. Of course, feel free to use real meat, it’ll taste just as delicious!

Cooking Challenge 2.0 begins: Game planning and Day 1 recipes

Hey Homies! I know it’s a Sunday, and we rarely ever post anything on a Sunday, but it’s a special week on Offbeat Home & Life. It’s the week of Megan’s Cooking Challenge, the second. Here’s how we’re breaking this down…

Home Cooking Challenge: the results are in!

It’s been three nights since the Home Cooking Challenge came to an end. Let’s check in with Megan and get the answers to all your questions, including one from her mother and the one that’s been on ALL of your minds.

Day 6 & 7 Cooking Challenge report: off-roading and Star Wars picnics

Over the weekend my cooking challenge came to an end. Here’s a quick rundown of my experiences from Day 6, with a menu all planned out, and Day 7 with no menu and the instructions to, as Ariel put it, “go off-roading.” It resulted in one awesome Star Wars-themed picnic!

Day 5 Cooking Challenge report: breakfast tacos, ice cream for lunch, and Samuel L Jackson!

Breakfast tacos, ice cream for lunch, freaky onions, and Samuel L. Jackson!? Day 5 of Megan’s cooking challenge was one weird ride. And it looks like, according to the video, Megan had never before encountered ginger … until last night. Watch it all unfold!

Offbeat Home Food Challenge: Recipes for Day 6

Megan isn’t the only one whose week has been enlightening — I’ve learned things, too! And with these lessons tucked into my belt, I we set upon Day 6 of the challenge with VIGOR!