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From boring kitchen lamp to faux stained glass geek light

Homie, Sarakenobi turned her kitchen pendant light from boring to BAZINGA! when she used a faux stained glass technique in the nerdiest possible way. And it’s pretty damn Marvelous… Doctor Who-ious… and Harry Potter-ious…

Marvel and DC swag for your hizzouse!

I love the Avengers. I love Batman. I’d say at this point in time my tastes run about 52% Marvel, 42% DC with the remainder going to independent publishers like SLG. What I don’t currently have is a lot of swag to back that up. I’m repping the good Doctor and my Hufflepuff pride (Huzzah!) plenty, but what, oh great internet, can I (and you!) buy for my house that is DC or Marvel-related? Boy was my wallet NOT ready for the answer to this…

Government-sponsored zombie preparedness literature

Whatever it takes to get the word out, Centers for Disease Control. Following up on the popularity of their May 2011 zombie preparedness blog, the CDC released a zombie apocalypse novella this month. OMG, the CDC is worried about zombies?!

Storage made especially for your comic books: The Comic Tomb solves the problem of backissues

Organization is a special problem for everyone, and no less so for comic collectors. We had a bunch of ideas for alternatives to the traditional short box come up in the answers to a reader question, but here’s a new alternative: The Comic Tomb.

Storing comic books: ditching a short box for a showier display

This couple is stumped on functional, accessible, more interesting way to store comics. What are your ideas about how they can store comic books in an attractive (not boring) way that will please both of them?