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A surprisingly colorful science geek bathroom and a buncha little collections

I gathered up photos featuring collections from the Flickr group — we’ve got lovely rocks, matching gardening containers, vinyl art and more.

The best ways to display your action figure collection

Collections: awesome to cultivate — hell to decorate. But, you guys have worked your ass off to collect these things, you should totally work ’em into your decor and show ’em off! Here are some (hopefully) inspirational options…

How to collage photos and knick-knacks in a vintage, mini, super-customizable display

Whitney assembled a whole lotta photos and small objects into a nicely-arranged art piece she and her guests can admire. She made a very detailed how-to for us to follow.

Storing comic books: ditching a short box for a showier display

This couple is stumped on functional, accessible, more interesting way to store comics. What are your ideas about how they can store comic books in an attractive (not boring) way that will please both of them?

How can I make my weird scene shit fit into my sophisticated adult home?

I love my stuff, but I need to find a compromise between overgrown scene kid and a totally bland tract house. What do I do?

Replace the clutter with an eclectic collection

My beau and I took some time last week to declutter our stuff-catching mantles – and they became home to an interesting group of ephemera. Read on to see how we used an alpaca sculpture, Virgin Marys, worry dolls and a painting of a possum to create personalized altars.