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Comics, cats, and childhood bedroom corners in the cozy Canadian apartment tour

Our home is full of comic art commissions and prints that we’ve collected at various comic cons over the years. We’re also fond of physical media, so have a ton of books, CDs, vinyl, and movies. I love colour and mixing patterns. We’re both giant kids, collecting toys and figurines, Legos, and more.

My hairless cat smells like potatoes

This is my cat, Oliver Star. He was named after our favorite cow. True story. No, no — don’t adjust your screens. He’s a hairless kitty! He’s just like regular kitties, except he ain’t got no hairz! Oliver’s good looks usually garner one of two responses – either “awwww, look at de bebe!!” or “OH MY GOD!!! WHAT IS THAT?!?!?! SEND IT BACK TO HELL!!!!!”

Poor guy. He has feelings, too!

Be careful with cloves and cats this holiday season!

How many people have heard that cloves can be used as a natural pest repellant? I personally have never tried it but a lot of people I know swear by it. Or are you decorating with cloves this holiday season? Here’s a little known fact about cloves: they are harmful to cats! I found out from first-hand experience…

Sara and Nick: from a majestic movie wedding to adopting fur babies and parenting real babies

Since the wedding, we have purchased a house and adopted a couple of cats. My son is going into second grade. I’m currently pursuing Redken color certification and a cosmetology instructor’s license. Nick left the university he used to work for and is currently working for a marketing firm. We are going into our third year as Old Marrieds, but we’ve been together for seven years total.

Please paws the music!

Stop everything and look at this cat scratcher that looks like a record player. And yes, that cardboard record spins and that is a pose-able tone arm. Interactive for kitty, hilarious for you.

Home decor that’s kitty cat chic

I’ve scoured the cat-loving internet to bring you the classiest cattiest home decor there is. Like this “Shaken Not Purred” tea towel. I mean, can a cat get classier than that? I think not. We’ve got shower curtain, ring holders, tins, tea pots, and paper towel holders that celebrate your love of cats, but don’t make you look like a crazy cat lady. This shit is kitty cat chic, y’all…

Lifehacks for living alone

Full of helpful advice like how to avoid falling out of bed when you’ve had too many drinks while watching Downton Abbey, and the note that cats are … almost people!

Make your own tasty treats for your cat friends

Because I am a perfectly sane, really hip, non cat-hoarding, cat lady in training, and because I love everything Joy The Baker puts out… I decided to make my own cat treats. So if you’re a cat lady in training like me, or you’ve got some friends with cute cat kids, make em’ some treats!