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A pink & green owl nursery, cacti strapped to a wall in France, and an artist in the living room

These montage photos make me SO EXCITED. Y’all have been all about the bright colors, crazy furniture juxtapositions, kitties-watching-chickies goodness.

Chic damask litter box hacks and a bonus homemade scratching post

Lenna made very elegant stealthy litter boxes — and they serve double duty as entrance benches. Read her post to learn what else she made to entertain two spoiled cats.

Heron and Daniel’s big cozy arty rowhouse in DC

Soooo…this apartment is the poster child for Put a Bird on It — and you’ll be totally cool with that. Birds on the bed, birds on the wall, loads of books and a hallway gallery idea you’ll think is brilliant.

A patio garden from HEAVEN, orange basement bar, and a goat in an inappropriate place

If your dog isn’t allowed on the couch, don’t let her see what someone in our Flickr Group does with her goat.

Get excited about building greenhouses, art that swears, and a trip to Spain

Happy Monday! Today we bring you a clock for math geeks, a motel where you can stay in travel trailers, lots of art and a peek at this week’s home tour in Spain.

Monday Montage: save the pink bathrooms!

This week’s photos feature an cat who’s a critic, a house with movable walls, and just WAIT till you see the LED coffee table.