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A camping-themed kids’ room adults can totally love, too

Offbeat Mama published a post today I couldn’t let just lay there. This is a super simply, floor-beddy, back-to-nature type room centered on camping. I can totally see doing this in my own home — or maybe in a temporary space, a short-term rental, a new apartment!

Create your own indoor camping snooze haven for your kidlets

In our neck of the woods, it has been hot outdoors — which means lots of swimming and sweating and indoor projects. We have been tackling our boys’ rooms this past week, moving the two big boys together in their “camping” room and the baby to his own nursery. Our boys are constantly making tents and forts and since my husband Alex built a fort for the boys, it was my turn to make the tents.

Hosting lessons I’ve learned from seven years of throwing an annual party

After our wedding in 2004, Andreas and I decided that camping with our friends in the forest of my mom’s property was so much fun that we wanted to do it every single year. I’ve learned MUCH!

Kids in the Woods will help get the whole family out into nature

Shannon’s got some pretty amazing life experiences to pull on — she grew up in Alaska and flew Apaches in the first crop of women attack helicopter pilots. She’s scuba dived on three continents, sky dived on two, and climbed the highest mountains on the North American and African continents. This is all to say, homegirl knows her outdoor time, and Kids in the Woods is a great way to soak up some of those smarts.

I spend my summers tenting: come tour my campground in a sanctuary

When Spring rolls around some folks clean; I organize camping gear. I have a seasonal camp I can visit whenever I’d like; come visit!

Tips for your first backpacking trip with a baby

Elka and her husband recently made it through their first backpacking trip with baby Uli, and she’s compiled a list of tips and tricks for fellow backpacking and parenting enthusiasts.

Tips for camping with children

As we creep towards the official start of summer, I’m sure you’re not alone in planning those outdoors trips with your wee one. Forget going to gigs or lazy Sunday brunches; the true test of how much you’re still your old self can relatively often boil down to: can we sling on the backpack and still get out there with baby in tow?

What I learned from our first camping trip with a baby

When our son was six months old, my husband and I packed up our new/old Westfalia (aka The Vantasy) and headed to Washington’s Deception Pass for our first family camping trip. Granted, this wasn’t backpacking (just car camping) but I still learned a few things: Cloth diapers are great for the great outdoors, as long […]