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Butt bench: A party in your bathtub for your butt

I am a complete bath junkie. I know now that this is a type of person, but I didn’t always understand there are others like me. One who, for fun, takes frequent, long, pointless baths. This person reads in the tub. This person is jealous of Marat's bathtub setup, horrible skin disease be damned! This person buys furniture for the purpose of enhancing bathtime.

You, my fellow bath people, will want a Butt Bench.

Kitchen bathtub, home wine-maker, and the world’s most unsexy slippers

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9 glorious tubs: Draw yourself a fantasy bath and stay a while

BATHS ARE THE BEST! The years I spent living in dorms I was much more upset about my lack of bathtub than about my inability to have pets, or my inability to make out with my boyfriend in peace, or my inability to afford anything. All I wanted most of the time was a nice bath.

Happily, I’ve never NOT had a tub since leaving school — and the tub I have now is very, very deep. But that doesn’t mean I can’t fantasize about the best part of my home; I like the cut of these tubs’ jib.