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Sexy Norwegian DILF rocks the sling

Thanks so much to Kat for submitting this video of Norwegian papa Torstein Greni proudly demonstrating how to correctly use a wrap-style sling to carry his newborn daughter. By the time I got to 1:29, my ovaries exploded out of my nose. Normally I make sure I get the consent of dads or their partners […]

Yeah, so about scary slings…

Lenore Skenazy perfect sums up my feelings on the whole ZOMG SLINGS ARE DANGEROUS!!! thing: Perhaps you read the other day that now even baby slings are regarded as “risky” by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. This because, over the course of 20 years, there have been a reported 13 baby sling-related deaths. It is […]

DIY Baby Mobile Tutorial + 5 other projects you’ll love

This tutorial is actually ultra simple and uses just a few inexpensive crafting supplies that you may already have laying around: photos, craft paper, scissors, glue, wire, and a paper punch. And don’t stop at photos… think of spaceship shapes, circles and triangles, bugs and birds, monsters, jungle animals. There are just SO MANY possibilities!

This is me pushing a stroller and feeling weird

Dre and I have already gotten super used to baby-wearing, so using the stroller felt like a huge novelty. You mean, the baby sits in there? And I push this thing? And we walk behind it?

Boys play with dolls!

Kids emulate the adults in their lives. So why wouldn’t your son imitate you babywearing his younger sibling? Why not foster nurturing behavior in our boys? Some boys like baby dolls! Big deal! Etsy seller Squarepear has the right idea with this blue camo ring sling for boys. What a great way to prepare your […]

Slings, rings, and all these things — how baby wearing can save your sanity

I think kangaroos are definitely onto something! Aside from the Baby Bjorn, baby wearing was a completely new concept to me before having a child. I thought when I had a baby that I’d be able to lay him down on the floor with a toy and then go about my day as I always […]