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What questions do you always ask other parents and then immediately regret?

There are a few questions that I always find myself asking other parents — whether or not the answer is something that’s interesting, let alone worth discussing. The number one is (in the case of parents and their kid) “Who do you think he/she looks like?”

Comfy and CUTE maternity offerings from Etsy

It’s been a minute since we’ve given Etsy vendors some love.. which is funny, because I spend a solid part of every day scouring shop after shop. Since a lot of in-store maternity fashion can be troubling to say the least, Etsy is always an excellent alternative. Who knew you could find something like this vintage-inspired floral number from Hellcat Mama.

Baby wearing is hard — but putting her down is harder

I spent a very big chunk of time the other day “wearing” and holding my three week-old daughter, Evelyn. The night ended with a bad stomachache (hers triggered mine) and by the time my husband got home and scooped Evie up in his arms, I was relieved. I slept for four hours, alone, in a pitch black room. I practically melted into the sheets. It felt good to be a separate entity, even if I was asleep for it.

Cool idea of the week: turn an old bikini top into a doll sling for your toddler

You know all those old swimsuit tops you’ve got lying around? Who knew you could take one and fashion into a perfectly toddler-sized baby sling?? PRECIOUS.

How can I keep cool while baby-wearing in high temperatures?

Temperatures are currently on the rise as some parts of the world move into summer. How can baby-wearing mamas and papas keep themselves and their little ones cool and still wrapped?

All about my unexpected love affair… with the stroller

There Karla was, just sitting around, wearing her baby and minding her own business, and then…A STROLLER CAME INTO HER LIFE. Whatever could this mean?

“They have babies there, too”: tips for traveling internationally with an infant

Thinking of taking your infant around the world (or at least overseas)? Get hip with these guidelines and you’ll be golden!

Baby wearing made me a Mom

Here’s how Maura found closeness with her foster son through baby wearing.