Sexy Norwegian DILF rocks the sling

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Thanks so much to Kat for submitting this video of Norwegian papa Torstein Greni proudly demonstrating how to correctly use a wrap-style sling to carry his newborn daughter. By the time I got to 1:29, my ovaries exploded out of my nose.

Normally I make sure I get the consent of dads or their partners before featuring them, but this one I just couldn’t resist. Torstein, I hope you’re ok with a bunch of mamas ogling your slinging technique.

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  1. I have been in love with this video for a while. I love how gentle he is with the itty bitty lil one. Such a great role model clip.. in hawtness and fatherhood.

  2. gah! i'm emailing this to my hubby stat. i'm very excited about babywearing, and he's a little iffy about it.

    • My husband was a little iffy about it too, especially once we actually saw our tiny fragile fussy newborn. But he practiced putting it on and off with our cat (he's a very laid back cat) a few times and that helped himg get more comfortable with the idea and the actual application. It looked pretty funny but it worked! If you don't have a limp noodle of a cat you could probably use a doll instead. 🙂

  3. …tucking that little arm in there at the end was SO on top!! Excellent…thanks SO much for sharing and giving me a reason to smile today!

  4. LOVE the smooch before putting the little one in the slig. Also, when he tucks the little arm into the sling was adoreable!

  5. I thought you were kidding about the ovaries out the nose thing.

    Now there's ovaries all over my keyboard.

  6. aw this is the CUTEST!
    watching while my brother is giving my FH a tattoo
    and they both gave me sweet smiles!
    and my brother went on to talk about the one he used for his daughter!
    it made my heart warm!

    what kind of sling is he using?
    I want one!

  7. Part of me is thrilled that he named his daughter Aurora (best name evar), and part of me is super jealous. I'm not used to other people having *my* name.

    Soooo cute! I think my favorite part was when he kissed his baby on the head before tucking her in.

  8. Seeing him gently pick up his teeny tiny daughter and kiss the top of her head so tenderly … I've melted.

  9. Ack! My heart (and loins)! During the first viewing I squeeeeeeed aloud. During the second viewing my tummy tenant started a kicking session. I'm saving the third viewing for when I need a pick me up.

  10. OMG!!! I especially love it when he gives her a cute little kiss on the head. This makes me want a Moby wrap so badly, and I don't even have any kids yet! One of the baby sling companies needs to sign this guy as a spokesmodel ASAP!

  11. I have watched this (many more times than I will admit publicly) and each and every time by lady parts turn into a heavy mass of hormones.

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