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Try not to squee too loudly when you see this newborn dressed up as a baby bear

Try not to squee too loudly when you see this newborn dressed up as a baby bear

If you have your own bundle of adorableness or maybe just like squeeing at newborn babes in cute costumes, this newborn photo sesh has it all — a sweet baby named Cade, bear ears, sleepy grump face (my fave), and that mysterious magic that goes into posing a sleeping baby. If you need some rustic inspiration for your own baby portrait session, here’s your chance to take notes…

I’m losing my baby fever

My husband still wants kid, but I’ve found my baby fever has started to fade. I love kids, but I sometimes find myself thinking, “Maybe I don’t want this for myself after all.” After a lifetime of wanting kids, it’s a super-weird feeling.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what advice do you have?

How do you know it’s the right time for kids when baby fever clouds your mind?

Okay, so baby fever is hitting me hard, and I don’t know how to deal with that. How do you know it’s the right time for kids when baby fever clouds your mind?

I’m ready to start trying to have a baby and my husband isn’t: how can I move the conversation forward?

My husband and I have been married for seven years. We’re both gainfully employed and in our mid-thirties… and I think that 2014 should be the year we make the decision to start trying for our first child. But here’s the thing: while I’m ready to start trying to bake a kid, my husband isn’t, and I’m at a loss as to how I should tell him that I feel like it’s time for us do this thing.

8 ways to help you deal when the time isn’t right to have a baby

It was never going to happen to me like it did with those parents who hit the one-year mark, watch their little baby toddle around and say, “Oh… I want another one!” After a terrible pregnancy that ended in an emergency C-section, I decided I was done for good. Or at the very least a good looooong time. I wrote myself letters throughout the pregnancy to remind myself that YES it was that bad, the same way I kept track of the (still ongoing) night wakings, issues with breastfeeding. Finances have been kept under strict supervision, and baby expenditures can be easily totalled.

Our life isn’t ready for a baby but I am: let’s talk about dealing with baby fever

I’ve tried to just grin and bear it. I’ve tried crafting things for the future baby in hopes of convincing my brain that we’re moving forward. I originally started all of the over-planning in hopes of combating the Baby Fever but I (obviously) got carried away and it’s so much worse now. Nothing I’ve tried has worked.

My husband has baby fever and I’m trying to catch it

The concept of my husband thinking about babies proves to be the biggest aphrodisiac for me ever, like nature is saying, “You know you want it…” I feel as a human like I’m just flesh wrapped around a hungry uterus. I obsess over my pregnant friends and those with new babies. I’ve never felt so aware of my own body — that I am suddenly at a time in my life where I could get pregnant and rejoice seems impossible and thrilling.

I’ve got baby fever, but I’m in no rush to actually have a baby

Not that I don’t want children, or babies, I just have a bit more to do first. My husband needs time to establish himself in a new, entrepreneurial endeavor. I need time to get more comfortable as a teacher in a low-income school. I also have a few more words to write before I am forced to decide between teaching and writing and the balance of motherhood. Yeah, yeah, I know, you’re never ready. Maybe that’s why baby fever takes over, to ensure we have those babies before it’s too late.