My husband has baby fever and I'm trying to catch it

The concept of my husband thinking about babies proves to be the biggest aphrodisiac for me ever, like nature is saying, “You know you want it…” I feel as a human like I’m just flesh wrapped around a hungry uterus. I obsess over my pregnant friends and those with new babies. I’ve never felt so aware of my own body — that I am suddenly at a time in my life where I could get pregnant and rejoice seems impossible and thrilling.


I've got baby fever, but I'm in no rush to actually have a baby

Not that I don't want children, or babies, I just have a bit more to do first. My husband needs time to establish himself in a new, entrepreneurial endeavor. I need time to get more comfortable as a teacher in a low-income school. I also have a few more words to write before I am forced to decide between teaching and writing and the balance of motherhood. Yeah, yeah, I know, you're never ready. Maybe that's why baby fever takes over, to ensure we have those babies before it's too late.


How did your baby change your life?

I'm way past the age where everyone I know is getting pregnant. At 33, I'm at the age where many of my friends are having their second child and dealing with toddlers. But, for me, this is the age where I'm finally considering having a baby of my own. Considering is not the word. Obsessing. CRAVING.


How did you tell your partner that you're ready to start a family?

But lately, I've realised that I really want a baby. Like now. And I don't know how to bring it up gently. I've tried talking a lot about our friend's pregnancy, which he does get excited about, but unfortunately it doesn't transition into talking about us. I don't want to bring it up head-on in case it scares him off (because to him it's probably coming out of nowhere) but more ease into it gently if possible.