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I know y’all don’t know me all that well so here’s a little tidbit: I’m married to a rock star. No, women don’t make a habit of throwing their underwear at him whenever he goes out in public, and he never wears mascara anymore, but still. A rock star. He played in a band when we started dating a million years ago, he still plays his electric guitar daily, and he’s the loudest shower-singer I’ve ever known. I’d sell tickets if not for all the nudity and small bathroom and blah blah blah.

As you may know, I’m currently gestating our first progeny. Gender unknown. Cuteness undeniable. Anyway, rumor has it we’re going to have to clothe this kid or something, so I’ve started keeping an eye out for miniature clothes I wouldn’t mind being seen in public with. I’m not personally a fan of the “Boob man”-type onesies, but I’m not content with nothing but butterflies either.

Do I want my baby to rock these? Why, yes I do.
Do I want my baby to rock these? Why, yes I do.
I ran into these beauties the other day and, I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m pretty excited. I’m actually considering giving them to my husband for Christmas this year, just because I know he’ll want to hang them on the tree next to our Doors and Hendrix ornaments.

I found them on Me In Mind, and yeah, they’re a tad expensive considering how quickly babies outgrow their shoes, but still. So much with the cute! Also, I like that they’re neutral enough to look great on either a baby boy or girl. Because we are an equal opportunity rocking family.

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  1. I've seen those on actual chillins and it's awesome to behold. Even if the kid is dressed normally, they still look like a little skater kid with their Vans. I actually saw tiny Allstars the other day and had to physically remove myself from the store to prevent blowing my budget entirely.

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