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A bookshelf made of books

Jim Rosenau uses books to construct chairs, shelves and other furniture. We highlighted his cheeky book shelves for Library Week, April 10 – 16, 2011.

The Royal Tenenbaums meet Amelie in a colorful, book-filled New York apartment

Summer, Graham, Gus and Kingsley all live together in a brightly-colored Brooklyn apartment filled with art, ephemera and intriguing artifacts.

A Polaroid-themed Seattle artist’s loft with an altar in every room

This loft is New York-style in Seattle. Between the altars and the archways and the hardwood, it smacks of monastery life — so the dachsund, fantasy chandelier and huuuuuge landcamera prints all over are even better.

Starving artists live in New York, while The Heartland’s artists are fat and happy

I spent a LOT of money and time learning to paint, and then I decided not to move to a cultural center to work. I promise, I’m not stupid. Flyover country is great for creatives.

A bitty Spanish apartment with BIG color and 19th century brick ceilings

In a post straight out of House Hunters International, we’re touring a 6th floor walkup in Barcelona. This place has it all: hardwood, Eames furniture, a European balcony and — oh. 160 year-old curved brick ceilings.

Ellen and Jake’s spacious, colorful apartment FULL of art

We’re not JUST looking at art here, kids — we’re looking at lots of sexy art. Sexy art in a beautiful, light-filled space with eclectic furniture and two artists.

Stephanie and Sean’s recycled, reused, refurbished apartment in the deep south

Offbeat Mama Managing Editor Stephanie gives us a guided tour of her carefully-crafted, kid-friendly apartment filled with thrifty finds. The family’s got bright blue walls, loads of art, and a gigantic bean bag for one little dog.

A steampunk studio built from the studs up

Even if you only have a passing interest in Steampunk, Doktor A’s studio construction will make you drool. From Edison-style light switches to custom cast iron radiators, the studio is startlingly authentic.