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Decorate with animal art and support conservation at the same time

This painting was done by Eli, a male orangutan residing at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah. We do paintings with all our orangutans, and many other animals at the zoo. Painting with the animals is first and foremost for their own benefit. The added bonus of all this artistic expression is the end product; paintings that can be sold to the public.

Mid-century design meets geek artist Steve Thomas

Artist Steve Thomas got spot on two things I love above all: early/mid-century design and geek stuff. Tolkien-themed posters, Fallout-style propaganda, Sci-fi travelling ads… It’s like Christmas, but only better.

Mini day-tripping with my little dude: I let my kid skip school and we went to the art museum

While my (almost four-year-old) son was bustling around deciding what toy he wanted to bring to school with him and I was mid-bagel, I asked if he wanted to go skip school and go to the art museum. He was somewhat incredulous at first (we haven’t visited this museum yet) and I was somewhat unsure of how he’d be once we got there (he’s generally well-behaved, but a huge building filled with things to knock over/touch? HARD.), but we decided yes: we were going to do it.

Shiny Monsters for some goth-y nautical inspiration

Artist Adam Wallacavage’s show at the Philadelphia Art Alliance features his 16th-Century Baroque and gothic-inspired monster lamps, and Homies: you’re gonna wanna see it. What do you think of these monstrously gorgeous chandeliers, Homies?

2 ways your kids can use a plastic bag to fingerpaint without the mess

A lot of kids loooove fingerpainting, which I think makes sense — it is a fun sensory experience. Most kids enjoy squishing paint through their fingers and getting messy. Although I have to confess, I’m not always up for the mess fingerpainting creates. Mess-free fingerpainting is perfect for those days when you don’t have time to clean up messy kiddos!

A full-size C-3PO costume and 5 other wonders kids can create from empty paper towel rolls

Environmentalism, for me, is less about recycle and far more about reuse. “Recycle” smacks of some propaganda feel-good program for using too much crap in the first place. As a parent, I naturally impart my opinionated views on my offspring. They’re all about reusing things — from junk mail to paper towel rolls.

What can I do with these branches?

I have several piles of branches that have fallen out of the trees in my back yard and I was looking for a way to use up some of them before my landlords come and clean them up. what do I need to do to them to make them safe for indoors? To make sure there are no bugs or fungi or anything else growing on/in them. And what would be the best way to seal them, or make them last a long time?

A skull-themed bathroom with surprising storage ideas

Offbeat Homie T’Rina shared with us her colorful and skull-themed bathroom that includes this amazing flaming heart painting and mini skull mobile(!), kitchen goods as bathroom helpers, and lots of original artwork.