Underwater at 8 months pregnant

Guest post by Marina Miller

We’ve featured wedding photographer Marina Miller‘s work on Offbeat Bride several times, and now she’s on the verge of having her fourth child — in fact, she’s being induced TODAY! To celebrate, I wanted to share her thoughts on pursuing your passions through pregnancy and raising children…

baby bump @ 8 months

While trying to stay in shape (yeah, right!), keep working, and let out some creative energy while pregnant with baby #4, I decided it was time to move my work into the ocean. I bought an SPL water housing and have been shooting every week while my three boys are in school.

Being in the ocean is second nature to me. In fact, with all this extra water weight, it hardly takes any effort to stay afloat. As long as my subjects understand my level of confidence in the water and are patient with my slow waddle on dry land, it’s a win win for both parties! I have 2 more sessions planned before my due date and I am so excited to play more after I have this little guy.

My advice to other mommys-to-be is to keep doing what you love and find a way to make it work even after the baby. Taking care of your passions and creative outlet is just as important as what you put in your mouth. Feed your soul!

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  1. Great photo! So calm and energetic at the same time, and what a great way to continue with your passion in a more comfortable way! All the best for the induction today and congratulations on the new arrival

  2. Im pregnant with my first child. I would love to go to some prenatal swim classes because i love the water more then anything. Where I live there are none but my hubby is happy to come with me to one of the local pools 🙂 i cant wait

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