Buy this sunnyside egg mold for a brighter happier breakfast

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Monkey Business Sunnyside Silicon Egg Shaper

Okay, I don’t like my eggs sunnyside-up. And we all may remember how much I failed at my attempt to make one during the cooking challenge. But if perhaps I had this Sunnyside Silicon Egg Shaper at my disposal, there would have been fewer tears (and curse words) shed over my eggs.

In fact, look how happy this thing can make your breakfast plates…




Seriously: someone who likes their eggs sunnyside-up should buy this damn thing and start making these breakfast pictorials and upload them to our Flickr pool to share. Because as cute as this is, I still think I won’t enjoy my eggs any way else but scrambled.

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  1. I love how silicone product can be use for absolutely everything in cooking. (Silicon makes the best cake molds!) But how safe is it really? Is it going to be like BPA plastic in a couple of years?…

    • I have been wondering this for some time. Also, I have discovered that some items do taste kinda funny when cooked in silicone pans (stuffing, green bean casserole–thank goodness it was only my husband and I for that one Thanksgiving…), so while they are absolutely fabulous for baked goods, I’m more cautious now about other items. As it is a synthetic product, and kinda rubbery, I also wonder, does it contain phthalates?

  2. I agree re: scrambled but…but…these are so cute. I want breakfast landscapes!

    If I arrange the scrambled egg like sort of a dense, poisonous, surface-of-Venus fog…maybe that’d work…

  3. in the interest of fewer tears and curse words – you can totally make a fried egg without having to flip it! all you need is a lid that will fit your frying pan (i mean, anything that will cover it – i use a small cookie sheet, not an actual lid, so…)

    it’s just: heat pan, break egg in, let it cook some (where the white starts to set but isn’t finished), then you add a *little* water (like a tablespoon or less) to the pan (next to the egg, not on it) and cover it to finish cooking.

    basically, the water steams the top of the egg so that it’s not all raw on the top, burned on the bottom *and* you don’t have to try to flip it over without breaking the yolk (at least 1/2 impossible). you may still need a spatula to get it *out* of the pan, but that’s a little easier to improvise.

    of course, if you *prefer* scrambled eggs, don’t mind me. but i would hate for you to miss out on this adorableness simply due to technique (although how you get the yolk in “sun” spot kind of boggles me). =)

    • You are a genius! Why have I never thought of cooking my eggs that way? I was just sitting here thinking how fucking adorable sun eggs would be, but I really only like my eggs over medium. Now I can have both!!

      I’ve found that rolling the egg over top of itself instead of flipping in the traditional sense makes my “don’t break the yolk” skills way better.

    • I think you break the egg into the sun spot and the thinner white part runs into the rest of the mold.

      Or if that doesn’t work you could separate the yolk from the white, using whatever separation technique you like best. ( I prefer “eggshell-to-eggshell”. )

  4. I am a sunny-side up lady, in fact when I was little that was the only way I liked eggs, and now it’s still my favourite (besides a vegetarian Benedict). This thing is really cute, but then it would only look cute for a few moments because once I get my egg I immediately mash it all up, mixing the liquid yolk with the whites. My mother used to call it “jumbled eggs” and now my husband calls it that too.

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