Holiday decor that doesn’t take up too much space

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IRIS 3-Piece Holiday Ribbon and Bow Storage Set
Even the SMALL 3-Piece Holiday Storage Set is too much.
The holidays are fast approaching. Both my husband and I come from families who love the holidays, so we both are super excited to have our own place to holiday-ify and celebrate together.

However, the problem is we have NO room to store any decorations post-holidays. My main concern is Christmas, but really any holiday is important for us.

How do the Homies who live in small spaces decorate their homes without generating the tubs of decor to store away later? -Kelsey

That photo up there, that’s the SMALL storage boxes for holiday decor. That would take up a great deal of space in my residence. So here are a few of my favorite holiday storage tips…

under the bed storage

Invest in some low-profile, under-the-bed storage containers. These are great for wreaths, ornaments, and twinkly lights. You could even slide these under your couch, or stand them on their sides and store them in the back of your closet.

hanging wrap organizer

Get one of these soft storage bags for wrapping paper, and tuck it away in one of the corners of my closet. If I had a coat closet though, I’d TOTALLY purchase that hanging wrapping station — that thing’s rad.

By now you’re noticing that under large furniture and in the dark unused spaces of my closet are my secrets to having holiday decor in a small space.

What say YOU, small space-having, holiday-decorating Homies? What are your secrets to having holiday decor without taking up too much space?

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  1. For us at home, we only use storage tubs to dump everything inside. It could get annoying sometimes when we take them all back out for any of the holidays because we often find that some things get damaged and have to be disposed of eventually. Hence, we thought we have wasted all that cleaning up and we might as well have thrown them away. Therefore, we now use separate little bags or pouches to store the décor individually before dumping them all back in into one big tub again.

  2. Thank you for posting my question! I got so many Ideas and here’s what I did:

    We splurged on pre-lit christmas tree that can hide under our bed the rest of the year, and bought flat snowflake ornaments and some ribbon. After the tree is decorated with those, the extra’s get hung in our window, and then they store away flat and easy in the nook of a closet. We also got one of those decorative candle wreaths (flat on the bottom, and small and holds a candle in the middle) to use as our door wreath, and since it’s smaller & flatter than a normal wreath, it fits perfectly in the top of our closet too!

    We took the ideas too of using our wax warmers & the origami suggestions to hang snowflakes (and I tested out a sweet Frankenstein for halloween next year and I’m super stoked!). I also replaced my normal couch throw to a more christmas colored one I already had! Most of you were right, it didn’t take much to decorate a small apartment!

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