A starry bedroom pelmet box for romantics

February 10 2011 | Guest post by Evita Smith

Bedroom Pelmet

A pelmet is a framework mounted above a window used to hide curtain fittings and to help retain temperature inside a room. Pelmets are also called top treatments, cornices or valances. However, they differ from other top treatments in that the pelmet is a hardened valance or a treatment built over a structure.

Most people either love them or hate them, and I find myself in both camps. I love the finish they provide to a window treatment, but they can also feel rigid. We've made traditional looking pelmets, one in our new dining room and in our old bedroom, but this time I wanted to go in a more whimsical direction in our space.

I knew I wanted a simple black base (made from black foam board) and needed to add to it. [Note: For a tutorial on building a pelmet with foamcore, click here. -Cat] I love Shanna Murray's decals, especially "I love you more than all the stars". I wanted to have it in our room so my husband Michael can read it every morning when he opens his eyes, and I thought the pelmet would be perfect place. Yup, I'm a romantic geek! I try to support artists whenever I can but dangit, after buying the supplies to make the pelmet base it pained me we could not justify buying the decals. So DIY it was!


Now, I don't trust my handwriting these days so drawing the letters freehand was out. It took a day for the 'aha' moment to arrive and I could set about making them. I downloaded the Markus Ink font and put a stroke/border around the type to be my cutting guides. I printed them on full sheet adhesive labels. Once printed, I sat down and cut out the shapes. This work can be very therapeutic. I used the scraps to cut out the stars. We hung the pelmet and strung the garlands, once I finished sewing them.

The finished garland and pelmet work together with our pendant lamp to make a DIY-space customized just for us.

  1. Ooh, this is rad. I have always been in the staunchly ANTI valance camp, but this has totally changed my mind! Valances don't always have to be stuffy and traditional.

    1 agrees
  2. Holy snot, is that what those are called? I have a huge print of Van Gogh's starry night in my childhood betroom, so I painted my -pelmet box- to match.

  3. At first i thought the stars on the wall were from sunlight coming through the pelmet, but i guess not? are they painted up there? i really love the pelmet, it's such a neat idea! i used to work in a furnishings shop and people were always buying material for new curtains, but rarely pelmets – i think they might have been missing out!

    • Ha! To be honest, this particular piece was super EASY to make. It's just black foam board, backed with a .25" x 2" strip of wood on the back for support. It's mounted on the wall with a small L-bracket at the top on each side.

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