Architect Emily Jagoda built something right up our alley.

Yeah. A stylized Star Wars shower mosaic. Squee amongst yourselves.

Comments on Shower with C3PO, R2, and Chewie

  1. “Squee amongst yourselves.”

    Why thank you, I will. I will also be showing this to my husband in an attempt to convince him that when we get a house our bathroom should look like this. He may not actually be all that opposed 😉

  2. I’m not a star wars fan but I really love this, it’s fabulous!

    And as the majority of the tiles are white the bathroom will still be bright.

    I recently retiled my bathroom and being restricted to the cheapest option (generic beigey tiles) I just wish the mozac tiles weren’t so expensive.

  3. I’ll never look forward to another shower again knowing that I’ll be just getting garden variety wet and someone, somewhere gets to shower with Star Wars every morning. I think you’ve just opened a portal in my brain that can never be closed. I wanna shower with The Force too!

  4. This is great, I want it in my bathroom! The small tiles are quite the challenge to clean, but it’s definitely worth it! A very creative way to have a representation of the thing you like in your home. Although, the bathroom wouldn’t be my first choice. But it still looks great!

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