Use small hooks in your medicine cabinet for hair ties

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I’m constantly looking around for hair ties, or for clips. I’m rifling through drawers… I’m moving products aside in my medicine cabinet… I’m looking under the sink to see if they’ve fallen since I’ve left them on the counter. But this idea, that comes from my super organized mother, just made me have a baskets! moment.

Use small Command removable hooks ($3.41 for three!) on the inside of your medicine cabinet to hang your hair bands and hair clips. This keeps them from getting lost, and from falling off of your narrow shelves. And since they’re hidden inside of your medicine cabinets, they aren’t out for everyone to see. AND since they’re such small hooks you can use them on the back and sides of the cabinet.

Boom! Thanks mom.

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  1. I bought a tiny (like, six inch by six inch by ten inch) four-drawer organizer that I keep all my hair stuff in. The top drawer is hair ties, the second drawer is small clips, the third drawer is big clips, and the fourth drawer is bobby pins, barettes, etc. Super handy and useful.

  2. You mean… there’s a better way than leaving them strewn all about my room? And that I don’t HAVE to go through everything I own to find them?

    This reminds me that Command hooks definitely need to go on my Christmas list.

  3. When I had long hair (it’s now pretty consistently cut too short to pull back), I always kept my hair ties looped around the handle of my hair brush. That way I always knew where to keep and find them! Any extras that I couldn’t fit on the brush, I kept stretched on a rectangular piece of cardboard in the bathroom drawer until they needed to transition over to the brush.

  4. BASKETS!! Holy crap this is brilliant. We’re moving into a house with pretty much 0 counter space so shelves and cabinets that can be hung on walls is going to come in handy and this is exactly the kind of advice I needed for my dumb hair ties and clips that I love.

  5. This looks like a great system! Those tiny hangers with curly ends that tights come on at the store can also be repurposed as hooks. They’d be hard to attach to glass, but I’ve had a lot of success hanging them on strings tied around shelves or tied/tacked to the wall, or just thumbtacking them straight on the wall.

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