An adorkable, omnom-y kitchen with “spice invaders” and Sonic the hedgehog

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om nom kitchen

Sarah was lovely enough to @ reply us on Pinterest about her adorkable kitchen moment. As she explained:

This is my kitchen moment. It helps me cook omnomy food. Left to right we have Spice Invaders (given to me by my sister), Wooden OmNom (handmade by my husband), my favourite pepper-grinder (a gift from my mum when I first left home), Matryoshka measuring cups (a housewarming gift from a friend when we bought our house), and my lovely utencil pot that literally stopped me in my tracks when i saw it!

Most of these things are practical, useful things for cooking, but it also just makes me happy to look at them all sitting there together.

And look how good it looks in the kitchen (PLUS: is this our nerdiest fridge feature yet?):

Kitchen Moment Wide

Kitchen Moment Wider

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Comments on An adorkable, omnom-y kitchen with “spice invaders” and Sonic the hedgehog

  1. Oh my goodness. I don’t care for wood color (that’s not what you call it but I’ve only had one cup of coffee so brain isn’t cooperating) furniture or cabinets in most cases (particularly cabinets, I always wanted white ones in my kitchen) but I LOVE the color of the stain and the detail on the cabinets. The om nom is freaking awesome too.:)

    • Iiii have been telling him to make an etsy shop for ages! he makes all sorts of cool things and does occasionally sell them via forums and what-not. Maybe you guys can convince him!

    • update: I just texted him your comment. his reply:

      “Sweet, time to get scrolling…

      They see me scrollin’ and makin’, creatin’, they tryin’ to catch me writin’. In wood. Tryin to catch me writin’ in wood…”

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