Should we trust apartment review sites?

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Old apartments near Jing, used under Creative Commons license.
My fiance and I are going to be moving soon, and have started apartment hunting. We have a definite budget for rent, so that means we’re looking at cheaper complexes.

We have found several places that we can afford, and everything seems decent enough, but the online reviews for these places are all very disappointing.

I’m wondering how seriously I should take these reviews — can I trust apartment review sites? -Danielle

Homies, what say you? Are online apartment reviews filled only with the most disgruntled feedback, or should you trust the reviews you find there?

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  1. I would recommend reading the reviews. I always had. I also write reviews and try to be as fair as possible. A well-written review should include where in the complex they lived, how long they had rented for, their interaction with the management staff, experience with maintenance, parking situations, and why they had moved. Any problems mentioned should also include how the writer tried to make the issue more tolerable or how it was fixed. I agree with looking into crime in the area and visiting at night during the weekend. As a learn from my mistake pointer, don’t tell your rental management company that you are moving out/ breaking your lease because you are purchasing a home. They seem to think we have money and are trying to bill us for “damage” in the unit. Happy renting!

  2. Well, I am having horrible experience with the same. Last year, I almost stuck into bed bugs when I had booked this flat (presently living in) form a website. I just gone through the reviews and they were good you know and just booked a flat. But after checking in, experienced that it is badly affected with bugs. I had to then go for bed bug control and spend hundreds of dollars for the entire process.

  3. Personally, i have not seen a single place out there that’s every gotten the best of reviews. Honestly, even if it’s a really really good place, someone will always try to discredit it online, whether someone jealous, or even a competitor property management will attempt some trolling.
    So, of course, i’m not discouraging you from doing any research, but please don’t just rely on someone’s personal experience alone.

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