I’m looking for winter pregnancy shoes that are comfy AND warm

Guest post by GoldfishFox
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I’m due on January 31st, which in my Southern Maine climate means that winter will certainly have made itself known already. Being an otherwise fiscally sensible person, I’m saving a fortune bargain and consignment shopping for maternity clothes that I know (or at least hope) I’ll be out of before the end of winter, but I am absolutely willing to spend some real money on some good shoes.

My question for current and future mamas out there: what are the best possible shoes I can buy for safe, comfortable winter wear during and after my pregnancy? I’d love to find something that can be worn all day. I’m not necessarily looking for specific shoes or boots, just styles and shapes that mamas before me have found to be friendly for potentially size-shifting feet in less-than-perfect weather. — Goldfish Fox.

A few ideas from our readers:

Faux Uggs

Cheaper than the real thing, AND vegan-friendly!

Dansko clogs

Nurses and chefs can’t be wrong — these guys are comfy!


Skate-shoe cool, and pregnant-mama-friendly!

Earth Shoes

Spendy, but worth it!

Merrell boots

These can handle serious winter weather, while also being comfy… and even cute!?

Haflinger clogs

As a reader says, “My most comfortable pair of shoes for winter time are hands down my Haflinger boiled wool clogs. I have high arches and I prefer firm support; these have cork footbeds, much like Birkenstocks.”

Crocs mammoth

So wide, so fuzzy, so comfortable. Maybe ugly, but SO COMFORTABLE.

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  1. i really like Privo by Clarks. Super rugged sole and VERY comfy. The styles run the gamut from fugly to cute, $60-100.

  2. Thank you all for the great suggestions!!! I’m really excited to take some of these ideas to my local shoe stores and try some on with confidence.

  3. My son was born in April and I live in Alaska! There were a lot of shoes I could no longer wear at the end and a ton I couldn’t wear with all the ice. Even minor slips felt like they threw my whole back off a bit. I wore Alegria clogs at work (RN) and wore a pair of earth shoes that had been a half size too big were the other thing I wore a lot. When it was yucky out and I knew I was going to be walking, I wore my steger mukluks. They are always awesome!

  4. My baby was born 1/6/11. I wore vera wang slipper boots, keds knockoffs, moccasins, and flats from target for dressier occasions. 🙂

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