The best way to finalize your breakup: With a bad-ass “self love photoshoot”

Guest post by Carley Fetty
All photos by CYork Photography

When Jessi first approached me about taking some photos for her I jumped at the chance. We’re longtime friends, so I knew her bubbly, creative personality would be a blast to capture. My first question was “What are we celebrating?” She responded that her divorce was days away from being finalized, and she wanted to end it on a high note instead of crying over spilt milk.

Now, I’ve had my share of very serious relationships ending, including a failed engagement, and I’d have killed for half the grace and courage this woman was showing in the face of such a life changing event.

We set off talking about what Jessi had in mind for the shoot, and she told me to “take it and run.” Let’s just say I sprinted…

I knew I wanted to make Jessi feel glamorous and fresh, so I called the amazing hair and make-up duo that I met at a wedding a few months back. And I knew that no celebration was complete without a cake, and what better time to have sweets around than a break up…

In the end the Dream Team of boss ladies pulled out all the stops, and rocked an amazing day to celebrate Jessi and the start of her most fabulous adventure; the new love affair she would have with herself.

The Dream Team:

File this under Why Didn’t I Think of That? Who else now wants to put “self love photoshoot” on their divorce to-do list?

Comments on The best way to finalize your breakup: With a bad-ass “self love photoshoot”

  1. I seriously wish I had thought of this. The divorce process is such an intense period in your life. And teh end should be “celebrated” in some fashion. Why not by looking like a hot little boss WITH CAKE!?

  2. Not really the same, but I did a casual photo session with my siblings the day after I broke up with the boy I dated before I met my husband. It’s been almost a decade ago, and I still can’t fully describe just how LIBERATED I felt during that time. (A little back story: That boy I broke up with was sexually/emotionally abusive.) So the smile that’s in those pictures was as genuine of a smile as you can get while having your pictures taken.

    If you aren’t for some reason comfortable with getting pictures taken of just yourself, have them done along with some family and/or friends. That way, you are surrounding yourself with the people who truly care for and support you no matter what.

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