The cold never bunny’d me anyway: How to DIY this Elsa bunny for Easter

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Do you wanna knit a bunny, man?

I’m knitting Easter bunnies for my daughters and nephews this year. I decided that rather than get each kid a new stuffed bunny each year (which is what we’ve done up to this point) I’d just make them new clothes each year. It’s a great excuse to use up some scrap yarn and it also slows the growth of the Stuffed Animal Managerie that is taking over my older daughter’s bed.

Since my two year old nephew is completely obsessed with Frozen (and really all Disney princesses) I decided to make him an Elsa Bunny.

Hand knit Elsa bunny
Bunny how some distance makes everything seem small

The dress is removable and the hair is a wig that I made and then tacked down with embroidery thread. That way when my nephew is over Elsa and moved on to Mulan I can easily swap out the hair. Or maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll be really into George Washington after the Disney princess phase? Either way I think the bunny and I are prepared for whatever dress-up opportunities come our way.

See that glitter? Guess what my office is also covered in now!

I absolutely adore this bunny pattern, by the way — hence being willing to knit four of them. If you’re crafty and want more details on how it’s all put together you can check out the full Elsa Bunny write up!

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