Hide mysteries in an oversized spy bolt

May 21 2012 |
Photo via Amazon
Got a small stash of diamonds in your home, and concerned about security? Or maybe you have something a little less international-spy and a bit more typical. Weed? Love notes? Bank account numbers? Amazon's got a secret stash bolt you can hidey-hole things into.

From the product description:

The Spy Bolt is an updated and improved version of the old Soviet KGB "dead drop" hollow bolt used during the Cold War.

It features an O-ring seal for weather-proof storage of small valuables, communications, etc.

Its secret storage compartment has a diameter of 0.49" and a maximum depth of 2.7".

Overall length is 3.43".

What will you stash in it?

  1. Is it bad that the first thing to come to mind when I see this is, "Awesome. You could totally stash coke in there!" and I see images of that blonde girl from Cruel Intentions?

    1 agrees
    • Only if it's bad that I was thinking –

      a) A treasure map, like a little kid thinking of pirate gold (almost 30 and still hoping to be a swashbuckler someday)
      b) Pot (and I've never even had it!)

  2. went straight to amazon to purchase. (my fiance LOVES unique stashes. haha) $21.49?! and that's discounted from its original $30+ price! i was thinking under %15? oh well, maybe next time. haha

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