Geeky, science-themed nursery for the child of a librarian

Looking into the nursery
All photos and captions by Stephanie

Thanks to Offbeat Home reader Stephanie who uploaded pics to our Flickr pool of her most charmingly geeky nursery! Look closely at that photo, there are unexpected geeky touches in every part of this room — feminist scientist artwork, a lamp made of lab materials, and a chair upholstered with a double helix pattern… just to name a few things.

Let's push up our glasses and peer closely at this room…

Right side of the nursery
Changing table/dresser, rocking chair, and closet.
Geeky Alphabet
Geeky alphabet flashcards mounted with double stick tape on art paper and then put into simple frames.
Science Lamp (2)
The "science lamp" lit up with an LED that looks like an old Edison bulb.
Rocking Chair w/ Crocheted Blanket
Rocking chair with crocheted blanket, crocheted by my sister-in-law, she included a double helix (DNA style) in the pattern!
Left side of nursery
Crib area.
Atom Mobile
Atom mobile, handmade from the inner rings of embroidery hoops and a large pearl bead.
Reading/futon area
Reading/futon area next to the hallway door. The futon also acts as a guest bed.
Women of Science
Artwork of famous women in science, gifted by my best friend.
Book display shelves
Book display shelves, built from simple boards and screws, and then painted and mounted into the studs.
Book shelves and book bins
Being the kid of a librarian, there were bound to be a plethora of books in this kiddos nursery.
Element Blocks
Blocks with the elements (and their atomic information).
Geeky artwork
Geeky artwork. Both pieces were given to me by grad school friends. The left was hand made by my friend from polymer clay, and the right is an original screen print from a local artist professionally framed.
  1. Take my money!! Where do I get all this stuff?? Plus the Hobbes doll? This is fabulous and is sure to be the treasured space of a super smart kiddo!

  2. Gah I love this. As a scientist I kind of want all of that stuff in my own bedroom. But seriously, I am going to so steal all of these ideas for baby gifts for which ever of my scientist friends has a baby next.

    Love it.

  3. I see one of my favourite books, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"! YAYYYYYY! Loving the print on the chair, and the retort stand lamp/flower holder, too. Genius!

  4. This is so cool! As for the alphabet flash cards, here's another idea: friends of mine recently hosted a non-baptism for their daughter (i.e. they're not religious, but they wanted to throw a party on the occasion of her birth). Each guest got a sheet of paper with a letter on it just like these flash cards. We could pick an animal/object/whatever beginning with that letter, draw it on the paper and write its name on the paper (we did "B is for bumblebee" and "S is for satellite"). Our friend will have them made into a book for her kid to look at when she gets older. I loved that idea!

  5. This is so creative and so friggin' cute! And I want that lamp.
    PS. Sally Ride wrote some children's books so if you don't already have any you should look them up!

  6. Love it! The extra flashcard in the middle frame that says "nerdy baby" is really cute. ­čÖé I had never seen the "Grandfather Twilight" book before, but I think I'm going to be picking that up now!

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