Keep the Breaking Bad-ness going in your hearts and homes with these science-y home goods

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Period Table of the Elements tapestry
Period Table of the Elements tapestry
Breaking Bad — everyone’s favorite meth-themed TV show — has come to an end. Any other Breaking Bad fans in the Offbeat Home? I watched the finale with my Erlenmeyer flask full of wine to see it to an end. What did you do?

I’m sure a lot of you are mourning the loss extremely hard this weekend since you want have all that science-y, chemistry-y craziness piped through your entertainment system on Sunday. So what if you just incorporated some of it in your home decor?

I found some science and element-based home goods that’ll have your entire house screaming “respect the chemistry!” Like that Periodic Table of the Elements tapestry or shower curtains, a cool chemistry cocktail set, and even a game you can play to pass the time slot you have available on Sunday nights where you won’t be watching Breaking Bad…

Periodic Table Shower Curtainl - $29.95
Periodic Table Shower Curtainl – $29.95
“Respect the Chemistry” Beaker Mug – $26.95
Scientific Chemistry Cocktail Set for Drink Mixing - $50.81
Scientific Chemistry Cocktail Set for Drink Mixing – $50.81
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Anyone else have some awesome chemistry-themed home good action that I didn’t find? Let’s talk elemental home goods and Breaking Bad finales in the comments!

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  1. I don’t have any purchased products from the show, but I do have a 3-photo strip of somecards I created for my wedding, now hanging in our half bath. So I have Walter and Jesse in my bathroom.

  2. Even as a self-professed science nerd, I just can’t bring that shit home with me anymore. Except maybe the flask.

    You should do a dog-related round up like the cat one from a few weeks ago!

    • I got the cocktail set as a surprise birthday gift for my hubby (a chemistry nerd who loves chem themed anything), and it is AMAZINGLY fun to play with 🙂

  3. I will miss sitting on the edge of my seat covering my eyes waiting for someone to get shot . . . that was my standard pose for watching Breaking Bad. Haha.

    I also enjoyed the “aftershow” Talking Bad with nerd extraordinaire Chris Hardwick (“respect the chemistry”). They were always giving out official Breaking Bad swag , of which there seems to be a whole lot. I appreciate it, but I might not want it in my house necessarily (I’m more of a Game of Thrones gal in terms of decor).

    I probably won’t buy the Breaking Bad Blu-ray, but I seriously love that the set seems to come in a little money/garbage barrel of its own!

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