Set digital reminders to use your coupons

Guest post by Aurora

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I was organizing my coupons today and getting rid of ones that have expired and making a mental note to use the ones that were going to expire soon. Except with me, “mental note” always translates to: “Oops, I totally forgot about that thing I was supposed to be making a mental note of.”

Then I had a baskets moment: why not set a reminder to use said coupons before their expiration date?

I use Microsoft Works still (my fiancee constantly pokes fun at me for this), but really any reminder app you have on your computer or phone will work. Since Thursday is grocery shopping day for me, I set the reminder for the last Thursday closest to the expiration date of the coupon. Bingo! A little reminder will pop up on my computer as I cruise Pinterest for recipes and I’ll remember to use the coupon.

How else do Homies out there organize their coupons?

Comments on Set digital reminders to use your coupons

  1. I write down everything I have a coupon for on my grocery list with a “c” next to it. It reminds me to look at the coupon to make sure I am getting the correct size, kind, etc. I have a little accordion file with 4 or so categories like cleaning, pets, bath, etc.

    I really only use couples once a year. The coupon flyer we get in our mailbox each week is worth it for the “back to school” edition. They have better deals like buy one get one free, so I stock up on razors, cereal, allergy medicine, etc.

    I think I will use your system for Groupon or Living Social deals, though!

  2. I am the worst about this! Especially considering that most of the coupons I use are store-generated ones for things that I definitely, always buy on the regular. I’ve even let coupons expire for FREE stuff!

    • ARRRRRRRRGH! I do this ALL THE TIME. Every couple months I actually remember that we have some coupons for things, and go through them, and I get so angry at myself because I JUST BOUGHT THAT for full price and here was a coupon… Or they’re all expired. Sigh.

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