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rainbow ceiling

We’ve featured many a way to bring rainbows into your home: rainbow hallways, rainbow stairwells, even rainbows in your kitchen and shower. But now we’re talking about putting rainbows back where they belong… over your heads!

Offbeat Homie, Sarakenobi (of geeky pendant light make-over fame) just painted rainbow stripes on her ceiling, and they look amaze-bows! (Also consider this a tease, as next week we’ll be featuring Sarakenobi’s nerdy-yet-family-friendly living room that includes a TARDIS and Harry Potter references.)

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    • thank you!!!! my husband GENERALLY says yes when I want to do something, there have only been a few times that he’s vetoed a crazy idea 🙂

  1. wooo omg that makes my arms ache just looking at it. 😀 I looove it though. Think of all the cool colour combinations you could do beyond rainbow!

    • Thanks! it was a lot of work and it’s not completed yet (I am changing the light out for a different one in a few weeks) and I haven’t decided if I want to run the rainbow down the wall or not!

  2. It’s a bit too much for me, but it was wonderfully executed. I can definitely respect the time and effort and creativity that went into this. Kudos on a job well done!

    • it is DEFINITELY not for everyone 🙂 I get these comments about my house a lot “wow! looks great but I could NEVER do that at my house…”

  3. Does anyone have an opinion about running it down the walls (leaving the doors white and the longer bare walls white?) should I do it, or leave everything white? I am really not sure!

  4. Oh this looks fantastic!!!
    But… I have absolutely no idea how to do that?
    I mean… maybe this is a stupid question, but… wouldn’t the paint fall on your head if it doesn’t dry fast enough?
    And how on earth did you manage to make such a beautiful separation between the colours?

    I look at this and think about how I would do it… and in my head my version just looks like a complete mess… ^^’

    Does somebody care to share a tutorial so I can bring some rainbows back to Austria?

    • I can tell you how I did it! I measured out the space so it would be equal, then my husband stood at one end of the room and I stood (on a ladder) on the other end of the room. we took a chalk line thing from the hardware store and it made straight lines. I followed up with painters tape. I painted the Red Yellow and Blue portions first (and lined the secondary colors iwth painters tape. Before painting the colors on, I ran primer across the tape. this prevented it from bleeding to the other sides. I used a foam roller and did light coats so there was minimal dripping. once it coated how I liked, I removed the tape and then waited three days. That was the hard part! then I used a delicate painters tape on the colors I had already painted to do the Orange, Green and Purple.

      Does that make sense? I LOVED the primer/painters tape thing because I have tried stripes before (see my living room post) and they always bleed underneath!

    • also I have a secret! there is some slight white spots where I accidentally overlapped tape. To me they are glaringly obvious, but no one else has noticed them so I might leave them O_O

      • Oh this is great!!!
        Thank you very much for the tutorial…
        I am so looking forward to moving into my new flat now, so I can try this out!
        Thank you! 🙂

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