16 alt fashion Instagram accounts you should follow today

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Photo via BloodandChanel.com
Photo via BloodandChanel.com

We talked about favorite fashion blogs, now let’s talk about favorite fashion Instagram accounts — which is totally something that has recently caused me to fall down an Instagram rabbit hole.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite alt fashion inspiration that I’ve found on Instagram (some of them are actual fashion bloggers, some of them are lifestyle accounts, and some of them are just plain fashionable). And then I want to see YOUR favorites…


Olivia Emily: UK Fashion Blogger


Kellie Brown: New York style and travel vlogger


Amy Roiland: Eyewear blogger and CEO


Sarah Torkornoo: New York fashion blogger


Georgie: London blogger, crafter, and lover of cute stuff


Nicolette Mason: Queer Femme and Creative Consultant


Olivier Rousteing: Creative Director of Balmain


Gina Schiappacasse: Artist


Minerva: Internationally-published writer and plus-size model


Zoë Kravitz: Famous person


Noelle Downing: New York fashion blogger with vintage flair.


Stephanie Villa: Los Angeles fashion vlogger


Ragini R:
Plus size fashion blogger with a love for vintage.


Julia Sarr-Jamois: Senior fashion editor, ID Magazine


Susie Lau: British fashion blogger who created Style Bubble



Kobi: Aussie body and fat positive activist and “fa(t)shion” blogger

Your turn! Who are your favorite alt (or mainstream!) fashion accounts on Instagram?

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  1. These are kind of local to DC but I have fallen in love with the Instagram accounts of Nomad Yard Collectiv, a vintage market, and it’s owner Desiree Venn Frederic. Lots of awesome fashion, art, natural beauty, and empowerment.


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