Who knew testicles and ovaries could be so cute? 5 plush organs you can give to your pregnant friends

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ZOMG YOU GUYS. I first came in contact with plush organs a few years ago when my husband and I bought our son a platelet, but since that purchase was entirely body-part-specific and sentimental, it never occurred to me to investigate further. I’m pretty sure these are mostly meant to be used as educational toys for your kids, but if I had known purple and pink plush ovaries were available, I would have already stocked up on three dozen of ’em and given them out at every baby shower I’ve been to in the past five years or in response to each pregnancy announcement that’s popped up on Facebook. BUT NO MATTER: now we all know.

These specific plushies are all related to pregnancy and/or birth in some way, but there are tons of options out there: you can mix and match kidneys, adopt a brain cell, or even scribble notes on your very own guts stationary. LOVE. IT.

Can we talk about how this blue testicle (blue… ball, anyone?) has ELVIS PRESLEY HAIR? I mean, y’all:

I rest my case.

Got a friend who’s currently spending a large percentage of her time breastfeeding? What says “I’m sorry you have to go pump every two hours when we’re out together, but man your baby is CUTE!” better than a bright pink mammary gland? Related: I didn’t really know what mammary glands are supposed to look like until I saw this thing.

I literally squealed when I saw this plush prostate! It’s so adorable in all of its sperm-protecting ways, and if seminal vesicle glands really look like little broccoli sticking out on top of the prostate then someone needs to tell the uninformed dudes of the world that they have some seriously cute glands going on down there.

Excuse me, you guys, but do you know what this is? A PLUSH SPERM CELL WITH A BLUE BOW ON ITS HEAD. I think I need to just end on that note.

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  1. Holy crap I just clicked over and there is a HERPES VIRUS plush!!!! Now all your dreams can come true as you give your loved ones herpes or clamydia!

    Or be that really creepy ex that starts sending these to the significant others of your exes.

  2. I want that ovary so badly!! It’s even the right side, which is the one that I don’t have. This is the perfect gift for someone who has a sense of humour and has to lose an organ for some reason. If a friend had given me a plush pink and purple right ovary after my surgery I would have cried laughing and then baked them all the cookies!

  3. Ha! So when I get pregnant I am now tempted to buy one of the sperms and one of the eggs and dress them up together in my husband’s favorite hockey team’s jerseys as a way of telling him. Is that weird? haha

  4. I have been in love with these since I knew they made plush STD’s. My favorite for some reason is the Clap one. Who doesn’t need a plush gonorrhea?

  5. You never know when you’ll need plushie organs and cells, so stock up! Is it bad that I want the sperm so when I finally get a positive prego test, I can throw the plushie at my husband and yell “SCORE!”
    I have wanted these ever since I laid my eyes on the herpes plushie…swear its the only time you can turn to your partner and say “I want the herpes!” or any STD of your choice and you may happily get it.

  6. When we have kids, I don’t plan on finding out the sex until they are born, but we do intend on buying both the zygote and the sperm cell and giving the baby the appropriate one once they are born. 😀

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