Jessica sent a question about nursing bras — where can she get one that fits without spending tons of money?

old_bras My nursing bras are making me miserable. My 32F bra is too loose in the band and too tight in the cups. I have found a few online that I think would be the correct size but are very expensive — we’re talking upwards of $70. Do I really have to suck it up and order the $70 bras without even trying them on?

Where are the bras for women who now have a huge rack due to pregnancy/breastfeeding? Or better yet — is there a creative DIY way to convert a regular bra into a nursing bra?

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  1. 32J here. The only bra that I have found that fits and is not insanely uncomfortable is the Bravado Sublime Nursing bra. It’s still not terrifically comfortable, because, let’s face it, a 32J is never comfortable, but at least my bosoms are not hanging out around my navel when I wear it, (which is where they are currently spending most of their time) so I can actually leave the house sometimes.

  2. WHY didn’t I find this post 4 months ago? I was a (I thought) large breasted woman before pregnancy at 38 D. Then during pregnancy, I thought my boobs were huuuuge at 42 DD. Ha. Now, nursing, I am wearing a 34 H. (I have lost about 22 lbs doing elimination diet for the baby’s allergies, hence the smaller band size). My personal recommendations: Hotmilk is my favorite, and has them every few weeks for about 50% off. Bravado’s Sublime nursing bra was pretty good but I don’t love the foam drop cups (they are great for when you’re wearing a sleeker top, though – no seams). The Medela sleeping bra is okay, but really doesn’t offer a lot of support. Sometimes it made my back hurt. And on the CHEAP- Wet Seal tank tops that go 5/$20. They are extra long, great for wearing around the house or under tops during pregnancy and for nursing. I love them.

  3. I agree Holly, why didn’t I find this months ago??? I had to flail my way through nursing bras and let me tell you all, its was *hard*. The only brand that I seem to like was Leading Lady. I really only tried them because they were the cheapest online source, but actually, they’re really comfortable and I’m glad I tried them, even if it was based on cost. I would definitely recommend them to anyone still looking!

  4. try i got some at a 36i forbout 40-50$ but yes bras at that size will be expensive. ive been looking for bras cheap now for 5-6yrs 40 is bout the cheapest i have ever found

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