How can I pimp out my fireplace?

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Hard not to love a question that’s short and sweet, yeah?

Hi guys,

I was wondering what other people have done to make their fireplaces and mantlepieces awesome?


We’ve just been attacking reader questions, so I’m excited to see what y’all have got. What have you done to make a hearth inviting, impressive or just plain awesome?

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  1. My once-was-a-fireplace now has a cat litter box in it.

    Yeah, not the PRETTIEST option, but… 😉

  2. I have stacked logs in my fireplace. I stole the idea from West Elm. The website link above are example pictures. It is not my website .. she has great examples!

  3. This isn’t something I’ve done yet, because our old fireplace has a useless, ugly oil heater that we need to figure out how to dispose of (it looks like it’s still connected to the big-arse oil box thing outside, so it may require a professional – any advice welcome!).

    But some ideas I’ve had, in addition to painting it whatever colour floats your boat, are:

    a) fill it with super awesome candles of different heights, colours, whatever. That way you can still have a fire, without having a fire! I’m leaning towards this and toying with adding a frosted glass door so the candles can glow from behind.

    b) build a small box with a shelf to fit the void and turn it into a display cabinet for awesome things.

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