Rock your kid’s birthday with a photo booth

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Let me just say this: I. LOVE. PHOTO. BOOTHS. My photo biz partner and I set them up frequently at weddings and events, they’re on Offbeat Bride all the time, but I haven’t seen many people use them at their children’s birthday parties — until now.

Leah Muse is, among other things, the co-owner and photographer at Austin-based The Life You Love Photography. It was easy-peasy to have her friend and fellow photog-in-crime set up the photo booth for two-year-old Harper’s birthday party. If these photos are any indication, it was a hit:



IMG_7303_1 IMG_7312_1 IMG_7341_1





IMG_7382_1 IMG_7491_1

You can see MORE photo booth action at The Life You Love Photography’s blog. If you’re into the idea but not sure you can swing a pro, check out Becca’s DIY wedding photo booth tutorial, and tweak it for your needs!

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