The most bad-ass, super-personalized Father’s Day gift of all time

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If you’re wondering what to get your dad for Father’s Day and thinking “what do I get for the man who has everything?” allow me to answer that question for you with the most bad-ass, super-personalized gift of all time. I got this for my father last year, and he totally dug it. Here’s what you do…

First you start with a $5 Mug Boss, it’s a utility belt that fits around mugs. It’s the mini version of the Bucket Boss, which your dad may already have and love.

Then you can either find a mug you already have and don’t want anymore, or buy a new one. I found an extra large mug, because the Mug Boss expands, and that way my dad can fit loads more stuff inside.

Then you load the pockets with useful objects, which could be just about any small-but-useful object. My dad’s a tool-loving, Mr Fixit type, who lives in Texas. So I filled his with special carabiners, a Fisher Space .338 Bullet Cartridge Pen, and a pocket knife. I basically ransacked Think Geek’s tool section.

He’s since filled the mug with pens and do-dads and set it down in his garage workspace. I hope he thinks of me every time he uses it.

What kind of stuff would you fill your dad’s Mug Boss gift with?

Comments on The most bad-ass, super-personalized Father’s Day gift of all time

  1. I got one of these for my father-in-law who works in construction. I don’t know if he actually USES it – but he sure laughed hard on Christmas Morning!!

  2. We totally got this for my husband’s uncle last Christmas after seeing it here on one of your gift guides, and he seemed to like it. =) Excellent suggestion for someone that we were having trouble deciding something to get for!

  3. My dad is so hard to buy for… but he does love tools and coffee! This seems perfect for him. Now to figure out what I’m putting in it.

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