Meet PancakeBot: The 3D pancake printer!

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Hi, Pancakebot!
Hi, PancakeBot!

I love pancakes I’ve even written odes to them. But I suck at making them — they’re either over or underdone because they’re either too big or too small.

Do you ever see those videos of dads making awesome pancake designs and wonder… how will I ever be a good parent without the ability to make pancakes in the shape of whatever thing my kid is obsessed with at the moment!?

PancakeBot to the rescue! According to the Amazon listing, it’s…

The world’s first pancake printer capable of automatically dispensing batter directly onto a griddle in the shape of the user’s choosing. Design your own pancake masterpiece using the free software or choose from the premade designs at A runaway success on Kickstarter, the PancakeBot helps kids and adults explore technology through food.

And look how cool it is:

You can make your own designs and have them turned into freaking delicious breakfast food! You can have people over for brunch and be all, “don’t worry about the pancakes, I have a robot who takes care of that for me.” (Er, except for the whole flipping them over part — can someone start a Kickstarter for a pancake flipping bot ASAP?)

Obviously, this is going to be a must-have gift for anyone who wants to be a “cool pancake-making parent” and lacks any actual art skills. Or, you know, just sometimes wants to eat an astronaut every morning…


Anyone own this thing? And would you mind having me over for breakfast one day?

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  1. Bhahahaha it reminds me of some educational video for schools kids i heard about (maybe here in the Empire?)
    There was this mom explaining periods to a girl drawing ovaries and uterus with pancake batter in a skillet…
    I am not American and have never actually seen it by the way, if someone had a link?
    … Sorry Meg, i hope i didn’t ruin this for you LOL

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